15th Sept 2011 saw the Citation Sovereign VH-VPL once again in Hoskins (AYHK) preparing for Medivac flight to Brisbane (YBBN). Dr. McCarthy and flight nurse Lucille Pwaka in the cabin with a patient that fell from a ships "crows" nest.

Large cabin, two Lifeport independent systems, crew lavatory, refrigerator, oven. Two large screen monitors and four smaller cabin monitors. Two Sat Comm phones in cabin. Up to 2,800 nm range. Able to cruise at 47,000 feet to avoid weather.

Corporate-Wings (Australia) : Citation Sovereign VH-VPL : conducting Medivac flight from Hoskins to Brisbane. : 1st April 2011.  Top photo is flight nurse Lucille Pwaka. lower photo shows Dr. Lautofa McCarthy Pulotu. Flight conducted on behalf of Port Moresby based EMS a division of ELA Medical.

 Happy days at Jackson's Aero Club : (L-R) Rose, unknown : Michelle : Capt. Phil Marshall (proprietor) : Rosie. Photo taken 2016. (photo from Phil Marshall collection)


Citation C550 : P2-MRM : Aircraft owned by Capt. Phil Marshall and operated by Pacific Jet, PNG. The aircraft is refuelling in Davao, Philippines, 14th December 2016. Inbound to Manila carrying patient and doctor for PIH Hospital, Port Moresby. (photo via John Walker collection)


Citation C550 : P2-TAA : At Port Moresby prior to departure. The aircraft was under contract to International SOS. Capt. John Walker with Dr. Duncan Dobadora. 18th March 2009. The aircraft was later destroyed at Misima on 31st August 2010. (photo via the John Walker collection)


Provincial Air Services Nomad N22B : P2-IAT: parked at Madang, PNG. One of three company owned N22B aircraft : The company was previously known as Independent Air Transport. Year 1982




24th Jan 2017, International SOS, conduct a rescue flight from Kieta, Bougainville Island, for an inured patient returning to Port Moresby.. Flight nurse, Erica Tattersall with over 30 years experience is taking care of patient. (name used with permission)

Cessna C-172M, VH-TUA, owned by Jackson's Aero Club owner, Phil Marshall. Photo taken at Port Moresby in 2015. The aircraft still resides in Port Moresby. The aircraft will eventually be placed on PNG Civil aircraft register.


Cessna C550, Citation II, P2-MRM, owned by Jackson's Aero Club owner Phil Marshall. Parked at Ninoy Aquino Intl. airport (Manila), Philippines, during night stop after completion of a Medivac flight in 2016. (photo via Capt. John Walker, Chief Pilot, Pacific Jets, PNG)  




Happier days at Aero Club - 4th July 2015, just prior to the Club being trashed by NAC thugs.

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